Is the scheduling of the fishing charters flexible?



Yes, in most cases we can customize a charter trip charter trips to fit your needs if you are the only charter booked for the day. However, if there is another charter booked before or after you this may not be possible.

What is the cancellation policy?



All charter trips cancelled by the customer must be cancelled at least 7 days before the scheduled trip to receive a refund. No exceptions. If the trip is cancelled by the captain due to weather then you will receive a full refund and a chance to reschedule your trip.

Is alcohol allowed on the boat?



Yes, you can drink on the boat. A few ground rules apply. No glass containers. No hard liquor. I recommend a 6 pack per person, about a drink an hour. Drunken behavior will not be tolerated and I reserve the right to end the trip early if such a situation arises. No refunds will be given if this happens.

Can I pay with a credit card?



Yes, your deposit of $100 can be paid with a card through Paypal. Final payments can be made by cash at the dock, or by card through Paypal at the conclusion of the trip. Sorry, no checks.

Will we fish in the rain?



Yes, we will fish in a light rain, so bring appropriate clothing if the weather suggests that it may rain. Downpours and storm systems will cancel a trip and your time on the water will be pro-rated.

Are there restroom facilities on the boat?



No, there is not a restroom on the boat. I will however have a bucket and bags should an emergency "need to go" situation arise.


What happens if someone was to get sick on the boat?



It is up to the customer on how we proceed if someone gets sick. I will go in early if this situation arises and the customer wishes to go in early, however no refund will be given. Many sea sick aids are sold over the counter. Please plan ahead.

What if I have known medical issues?



If you have known medical issues I recommend not taking a charter on the Great Lakes. It can take a physical toll on the body.

Will you clean our fish?


 If the area we depart from has a cleaning station I will be happy to clean your fish at no extra charge. Some areas do not   have a station, thus I would not be able to provide this service. If you require cleaning please state this in advance so we can plan accordingly. 

What is your weather cancellation policy?



If conditions are unsafe to fish then your trip will be cancelled with a full refund and you will have the opportunity to reschedule. If we have to end the trip early due to weather your trip will be pro-rated and you will have the opportunity to reschedule.

Can we set rods and net fish?



Absolutely. Participation is always encouraged and it gives you the opportunity to learn more than you would just reeling in fish. Accidents happen, but if equipment is damaged due to negligence you will be responsible for replacing it.

Can we extend our trip or end it early?



If extending your trip does not interfere with another scheduled charter you may do so for $50 per hour. Going in early is fine too, but no refunds will be given.


Are tips required?



While tips aren't required, they are greatly appreciated. If you feel we provided you with the best experience possible then a standard service tip of 15+% would be applicable.

How long are the charters?


 Charter trips will be for the number of hours you booked, or a limit catch, whichever comes first. If you would like to fish the   entire time that is fine, however you must remain under the limit of fish to do so. 

Will you guarantee that we will catch fish?



I do not guarantee that we will catch fish. However, a day where fish aren't caught would be extremely rare. I will guarantee that I will do everything within my power to give you the best experience on the water while trying to catch the most fish.